An interview with Jay Hooft

 Jay Hooft is a musician, going by the name of Sickids. He is also a game review channel host with 3killabytes. He also has his own vlog channel. He also did an interview for Interview An Indie. He does quite a lot.

Jay Hooft looking particularly glorious

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An interview with Jayenkai

James Gamble is an independent game developer. He’s developed over 300 games, including JNKPlat, SpikeDislike, and BlastTrax.Jayenkai

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Welcome to Interview An Indie!

Hello there!

Welcome to Interview An Indie, a new website in which we  … Well, we interview indies. The clue’s in the title. Here, we hope to bring to you interviews with independent musicians, game developers, authors and more!

If you are an independent musician, game developer, author, or film-maker and you’re interested in being interviewed, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can drop us an email at:

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